Top 10 animated movie deaths


Abigail Durkin and Owen Atseff

It has been a long standing fact that Disney, Pixar, and basically any production companies targeting animated movies to children love to include death scenes. In fact, since 1970 the only movie that Disney released not including or mentioning death is Zootopia. We are here to rank those deaths.

#10: Coral from Finding Nemo
Nemo’s mother, Coral, isn’t seen on screen for more than five minutes but her death puts the plot in motion. It’s one of the more emotional Disney deaths, but the journey of Dory and Marlin searching for Nemo returns viewers to their positive viewing experience.

#9: The dad in The Good Dinosaur
The Dad’s death in The Good Dinosaur, while bringing tears to some audience members’ eyes, suffers from being unoriginal. If you were to replace the river with a stampede and dinosaurs with lions it would just be the Lion King death without Scar, and nobody wants that.

#8:The dad from Lion King
Watching Simba lose his father at a young age was bad enough, but then having Simba leave his pride because he thought that it was his fault was even worse. This death has become a household classic and will remain so for the rest of time.

#7: Hector in Coco
His death is the huge emotional climax that sets off the rest of the film. The betrayal and sinister motives revealed based on his death created the perfect twist for the film along with a wholesome melody.

#6: Ray in The Princess and the Frog
After being squashed by Dr. Facilier, the antagonist in the film, Ray, dies only to be brought back to his true love in the form of a star. This scene had made itself unforgettable not based on the horror or happiness, but the sadness and wholesome love it displays.

#5: The dad from How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon is a movie that is branded as a kid friendly movie that exists in the outlandish world where dragons and vikings befriend each other. It would seemingly be hard to make this movie sad, however in the second movie when Hiccup’s father is killed by his own dragon in an act of sacrifice pulls the heartstrings. The ceremonial act of lighting the boat on fire really was the peak of my tears.

#4: Bing Bong from Inside Out
Inside Out is a movie about growing up and the sadness we feel as we have to move past our childhoods. This is already a touchy subject but when the main character is forced to leave her imaginary friend behind, it was my breaking point. The visual of Bing Bong slowly fading away after he let go was heartbreaking.

#3: Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero Six
The death of Hiro Hamada’s older brother, Tadashi, was the driving internal conflict of the movie. This felt intrical to the main part of the movie, yet its suddenness resulted in the death being more shocking than sad. However, the videos of him in BayMax were where the true sadness kicked in.

#2: The dad from Onward
The death of the Dad in Onward occurred prior to the start of the movie, and wasn’t super sad. The offscreen nature of the death took away from it, however in the end of the movie when the dad is resurrected is one of the saddest moments in any Pixar film.

#1: The Wife from Up
The flashback sequence in Up remains one of the most heartbreaking moments in any movie, let alone just childrens movies. The sequence includes a recap of a true love story between two people who share a very outlandish dream. The iconic soundtrack that started happily changes to a very melancholy tone, when it is a shot of Ellie in her final moments and ultimately the saddest part is her passing with unfulfilled dreams.