Top 10 lines from Riverdale from someone who has only read the Archie comics

Abigail Durkin, Opinions Editor

I feel like I missed out on a pop culture movement I never watched Riverdale. Therefore to make me feel better about myself, I will rank it’s cringiest moments. I asked my Riverdale “mega fan” peers to send me the funniest lines ever delivered on Riverdale.

#10: “Ohh. ‘Ethelhead?’ In your dreams,” Betty Cooper

After Jelena, Justin Bieber and Selana Gomez, I learned my lesson and detested ship names, so Betty absolutely squashing the ship name with three simple words made my day. Also, watching Barb from “Stranger Things” say ‘Ethelhead’ with no regrets is comedic gold.

#9: ”But in Riverdale, there’s no such thing as normal,” Jughead Jones

Listen, if there is one thing that always gets you to the top 10, it is directness. This quote describes everything that I have learned about Riverdale in one sentence. Unfortunately, it’s not as catchy or memorable as the other lines.

#8: “I don’t follow the rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them,” Veronica Lodge

I love the idea of someone going through the trouble of making a list of rules, just for them to break their OWN RULES. I mean maybe you should have just created rules that you know you won’t break or, another crazy idea, just don’t break your own rules, although, I do have to give Veronica credit for her self awareness.

#7:”Word is Papa Poutine’s son Small Fries is looking for Payback,” Elio.

Yes I will openly admit that when I first watched this quote, I had to replay the whole scene of dialogue. I also will openly admit that I was checking my bank account to see how much I could bribe the Riverdale writers to see them come up with the next character name. Then again I can’t really blame them on naming the son Small Fries I mean it’s only natural with the father’s name being Papa Poutine.

#6: “I survived a bear attack, dad,” Archie Andrews

Okay, I understand why some people would think it’s weird for golden boy Archie Andrews to randomly mention that he survived a bear attack. That in mind, if I survived a bear attack, I know that I would mention it every time my mom asks me to do the dishes. To be honest, I still talk about the time I survived a bee stinging me in the second grade.

#5: “Because we are endgame, Archie,” Veronica Lodge

I have never heard the word “endgame” before this and I don’t think I ever will. When I saw a heartbroken Veronica Lodge say this line, I knew at that minute that the writers for Riverdale definitely had no clue about what is going on in the real world. Which is the exact reason why it had to make the top 5.

#4: “I dropped out in the 4th grade to run drugs to support my nana,” Random Inmate.

Listen, unlike Riverdale, I watch movies, and I love a good tragic backstory. This quote is just that, a perfect backstory. It leaves me intrigued as an audience member, mostly about who is this 10 year old dropout selling drugs in Riverdale.

#3: “ Here’s to Ronni, And Archie, And Betty, And Jughead, And Choni, And Reggie, And me,” The Archies and the citizens of Riverdale.

Growing up on “Highschool Musical””, Hannah Montana: The Movie”, and “Ant Farm” I am a sucker for when shows and movies have the main characters sing. So when I watched every single character in Riverdale get credit in the middle of a song I knew that this was an iconic moment in television history. The singing and lighting also brought me back to my childhood birthdays where my tone deaf aunt would sing happy birthday to me in the middle of Buffalo Wild Wings.

#2: “In case you haven’t noticed. I’m weird. I don’t fit in and I don’t wanna fit in. Have you ever seen me without the stupid hat on? That’s weird,” Jughead Jones.

One word: Iconic. That’s all that needs to be said, Jughead Jones is just a weirdo. It’s a simple concept for the viewers and excellent delivery by Cole Sprouse.

#1: ”That means you haven’t known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows, of high school football,” Archie Andrews

As someone who has never played high school football, I feel like I can now understand the importance of highs chool football culture in our society. Making this the perfect comeback for any situation such as a bully or a friend; but also an empowering rebuttal to a fellow inmate telling you that he dropped out of the fourth grade to sell drugs for his nana. Which yes is the dialogue that prompted Archie to say this.