College Applications: Where to Start


Emily Mordaunt, Copy Editor

As some college deadlines and decisions loom near, the stress and anxiety within the senior class is at its peak. While some students feel prepared and ready for college, many others don’t even know where to start their search.

Lavon Robinson, one of the College and Career Counselors, explained how to begin the college application process.

“If you have no idea where to start, talk to your counselor, talk to myself or talk to the other College and Career Counselor, Mrs. Adrienne Nolan. There’s a lot of resources in Naviance to help students figure out where they want to apply, and they can apply via Common App,” Robinson said.

Naviance is a school-provided resource for finding college matches. This program is introduced to DGS students their freshman year. Each subsequent year, students have a period dedicated to going through Naviance in class, with counselors there for guidance.

Meanwhile, Common App can be used to apply for college, with access to over 900 different schools. Not all colleges are on the app, but if they are it makes sending scores and filling out questionnaires and applications easier. It also lays out all the application fees easy so you can see them and pay for them.

Payson Horn-Salerno, a senior at DGS, shared her experiences so far in the pursuit of college.

“I’m not very far along in the college process. I have ideas of what I want to do, but I have no idea what schools I want to apply to and what schools would be good for me. I definitely think that, if I were to seek more help in the College and Career Center and through Naviance, I’d be a little further along and feel a little better about the college process,” Horn-Salerno said.

In addition to Naviance, Common App and the College and Career Center, there are various programs that make college applications and tuition more realistic.

The FAFSA, standing for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a form that determines eligibility for financial aid. It is recommended that all college applicants fill this out, for not being accepted doesn’t penalize one in any way.

Scholarships and grants are also handed out by colleges. For many, college can be extremely unaffordable, but scholarships and grants can reduce the costs, allowing everyone an opportunity to continue their education.

Finally, although not required by all colleges, Letters of Recommendation are great to have in your back pocket. Students should fill out the survey, located in Naviance, before asking teachers to write the recommendations. This allows teachers to easily access information about you to easily highlight your strengths and achievements.

Seniors, it’s not too late to start applying for colleges, so get on it! Make sure to browse through Naviance and Common App for a look at a variety of schools.