DGS football introduces electronic play clock


Ryan Bringle

DGS gets into formation while the play clock counts down.

This year, DGS football has decided to implement an electronic play clock at their home games, being one of the few schools to do so. The change came as a result of increased funding for the team; a drone was also purchased to record game and practice footage.

Varsity head coach Mark Molinari spoke about the funding and how it allowed DGS to purchase the play clock.

“We got to a point where the athletic director felt like we could afford it, so we got it,” Molinari said.

Molinari referenced that almost every year DGS purchases some type of new equipment. Some years it may be new tackling dummies, and this year it ended up being a lot of electronic equipment, like the play clock.

During games, after each down, the offense will have 40 seconds to call their next play. If they fail to do so, they will receive a flag called on them by the officials. It adds an extra bit of pressure to execute the game plan.

The clock has already started to play a factor in game situations, replicating the same feel and purpose that is used in college and NFL games. Molinari recalled one of these situations.

“In the Hinsdale South game we needed to run the clock out when we were winning the game, so now our quarterback can look when we want him to snap the ball with two seconds left, so he can visually see it,” Molinari said.

The play clock is something that DGS has been very unfamiliar with, as this is only the first year they have ever played with one. With every new rule adds a specific learning curve to the game. It has already started to alter some of the ways they are practicing and planning for their future games.

“We’ve brought [the play clocks] out during the week and we have been practicing with them, and it has forced us to get a lot faster,” Molinari said.

Senior defensive back and kicker Sean Steele enjoys the play clock and the atmosphere it brings.

“I really think it’s a good new addition, it makes it feel almost more like an NFL field,” Steele said.

Steele also spoke about how he believes, as a defense player, the play clock allows him to be more aggressive and time up a snap better once the play clock nears zero seconds.