Top five apps to help you study


Jack Sifuentes

It can be difficult to focus, keep track of time or even remember all the correct materials, so here are five apps that can help improve your school life.

Jack Sifuentes, Freelance Writer

Having started a new school year, working and studying can be hard for some people. It can be difficult to focus, keep track of time or even remember all the correct materials. Here are the five best apps that can help improve your school life.

1. Study Bunny
A great app to keep on track is Study Bunny. Its main focus is to act as a study timer, allowing users to focus on the work at hand while the app keeps users accountable. It also has a flashcard feature, which allows users to use and make them for any type of schoolwork.

Study Bunny is different from other apps because users can customize their bunny’s space. By using the timer, users get coins to buy more accessories, which makes the app more customizable.

2. Desmos
Desmos is a graphing calculator app, which allows users to graph everything from points to parabolas to calculus. It’s extremely easy to graph on the go or when a calculator just isn’t at hand. Also, just a heads up, if the user wishes to save their calculations, they have to sign up and make an account.

3. Feyn – Flashcards
Feyn is a helpful drawing flashcard app. The most unique feature of this app is the drawing aspect. Users are given a blank space and can draw whatever they want.

This is helpful for drawings things that are science related like chemical structures and physics problems. Feyn is helpful for anyone who learns from visuals and likes rewriting materials.

4. Quizlet
One of the best apps to use is Quizlet; it has a plethora of choices to choose from, which can help for studying and making learning fun. One feature that makes this app different is that users can find other user-made sets and utilize those as well as making their own study sets.

5. Kahoot
Almost everyone has heard of Kahoot. Kahoot is very engaging, which makes it an extremely fun way for students to study. It has many user-made quizzes and users have the option to just make their own if others don’t suffice. Another great feature is that users can play with friends online, in person or even against robots in solo mode.