Audrey Mahoney is committed to swim D1 at New Hampshire


Cheryl Mahoney

Mahoney visits the University of New Hampshire for her official tour of the school and to meet the swim team.

Senior and varsity swimmer Audrey Mahoney is committed to the University of New Hampshire to swim division 1 and continue her academic and athletic career.

Mahoney has been swimming the majority of her life and has dedicated her life to the sport. She swims for club teams and has been a member of the DGS varsity swim team ever since she was a freshman.

“I have been swimming competitively for almost 10 years; I joined my first club team [Hornets Swim Club] when I was 8,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney mainly swims freestyle. Girls head swim and dive coach Paul Krick notices Mahoney’s talent in the water.

“Audrey is very dangerous in the water… Her best events are the sprints: the 100 free and the 50 free,” Krick said.

The New Hampshire team had some requirements in place for Mahoney. She has to meet certain academic and time requirements before being considered to swim on the team.

“I have worked really hard to get to the point where I can swim for a good D1 school. I needed to have good grades, like As and Bs, so they knew that I wasn’t just going for a sport because I am also there for academics…,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney’s swimming ability and character are recognized by her coaches.

“Audrey has an impressive work ethic, one of the few I have ever seen before. As a swimmer, she is very dedicated to the sport; she is very motivated to be part of the team… As a person, she is very caring and looks out for her fellow teammates. She puts her team first over herself,” Krick said.

As the Mustangs approach the end of their season, Krick has goals for Mahoney before she finishes off her high school swim career.

“With her very great leadership, she will lead our team to another conference championship hopefully… At state, I would like her to be a finalist in the 50 and the 100, so top 6 in both events,” Krick said.

Catch Mahoney as she dives into the water at the Mustang’s Conference meet on Oct. 22 at the DGS pool.