The perfect roommate


Nolan Chaidez

Former DGS student Sonja Kazemdulski’s college dorm located at UIUC.

With college right around the corner, finding the right roommate for me is nonetheless painful. Trying to find the right person who has the same interest as me is hard. I have certain interests or beliefs that may come across as interesting. Here are the top 5 characteristics I look for in a roommate.

#5: They need to be tidy

We’re adults when we enter our freshmen year of college, it’d be embarrassing or disappointing to constantly have to deal with messes that a roommate has yet to clean up. I can speak for myself that my room isn’t always perfect but it certainly does not have laundry lying around or cups stacking to the ceiling.

I prefer a roommate who is able to take care of themselves as well as tidy up their side of the dorm. I wouldn’t be able to room with someone who has never truly tidied up for themselves let alone cleaned their own room before coming to college.

#4: They don’t vape

I’m not one to judge someone for using a vaping device, however I truly prefer to not wake up to the smell of “Kiwi-berry” in the dorm or the crackling sound of a “Posh plus XL” at 8 in the morning. The smell alone is one to make any nauseous, a weird combination of fruits compressed into a device is odd to begin with nonetheless.

#3: They live in the moment

I want a roommate who spontaneously pulls us out of our dorm for 3am swimming in a fountain. I’ve always been somewhat scared to try new things. As a result my teenage years have been a bit different from what I had imagined. My one true hope is that I can find a roommate who has always been spontaneous and lives for those types of moments.

#2: Oatmeal

Words can’t describe oatmeal, to me oatmeal is what monsters are to kids, scary and dreadful. I do have to blame myself for hating oatmeal, it’d be a lie to say my hatred for oatmeal was just a random moment in my life. It truthfully originated from eating it at Camp Edwards in 6th grade that led to me feeling like I was going to puke up my stomach and kidneys.

To have a roommate who has the same profound hatred for oatmeal as I do would make my life so much more easier knowing I do not have to fear the smell of oatmeal in the dorm. Now if they do like oatmeal then it becomes a hostile environment.

#1: Their music taste

I have a versatile music taste; I love most genres of music, however I can’t listen to certain genres as they’re not one’s I like or I simply believe is not worth listening to.

I want a roommate who has almost the same taste as I do, however I prefer they don’t listen to rap. I don’t hate rap, I just don’t like it as I can truly get into it. To me rap is like nails on a chalkboard, some love that sound well others don’t. I am the one who doesn’t like it, so I prefer someone who feels the same about certain types of music.