Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods


Tanaiya Lake

A picture of baked macaroni, dressings, candied yams, ham and spaghetti to celebrate Thanksgiving,

Tanaiya Lake, Copy Editor

Hello there you curious reader, welcome to my Top 10 Thanksgiving food list. Now obviously the list may be different depending on religion, race, and culture nevertheless you’re here. Let’s get started!!!

1)Turkey, now, of course, this is a staple and must have at the dinner table for a traditional American thanksgiving but I do it a little differently… FRIED Turkey, yes you read right your eyes are not deceiving you. Deep-fried turkey is not only juicy and straight-up delicious but will have you knocked out on Grandma’s couch for hours.

2)Chitlins or Chitterlings some call them. This dish is pig intestines, now for a lot of people, this is a turn-off and is starting to go out of style but trust me these are very tasty when made by the right person. It does have a texture so if you can’t really handle it might not be for you, these are usually cleaned and broiled with seasoning and take forever to cook. They will stink up the house, but I promise it’s worth it.

3)Here comes the Glazed Ham. Ham is also a staple dish in American thanksgiving, ham is baked to perfection, being sweet and savory what more could you ask for. My version of ham is drenched with Sprite or ginger ale, other seasonings and baked for hours and topped with pineapples of course.

4)Dressing, now some of you might be confused especially if you are not from the south or have family from down yonder, but dressing is the same as “stuffing”. Usually, the turkey is cooked with the dressing or put inside of it to help increase flavor, it is most definitely a comfort food and you will not be sorry for indulging in its goodness.

5)Collared Greens, not only does this bring so many heartwarming memories of peeling greens with my grandmother but also mouth-watering hazes. For this dish, you just peel, season, and boil greens until they turn a deep green. Onions, turkey neck, and or smoked meats to enhance flavor when added to the pot.

6)Cornbread, also another favorite and is pretty common among other families. Personally, my family has always used Jiffy cornbread mix and it is quite the beautiful sight of nice solid yet flaky pieces of cornbread. Some people even put corn in their mix but hey whatever floats your boats.

7)Now we have the Baked Macaroni. This is essential to the fest, takes hours to make and seconds for the whole family to demolish. Made with plenty of cheeses, butter, and seasoning with a top layer of toasted goodness and underneath the surface is nothing but cheesy heaven. Also no breadcrumbs they don’t belong on Macaroni, sorry to say guys moving on.

8)Deviled eggs, I’m not sure of the entire process but I do know they have every right to be on this list, they’re snazzy and also make you gassy. From it’s hot red flakes to its soft white shell, with filling to die for, those eggs are certainly possessed.

9)Candy Yams, this dish is sure to make your sweet tooth tickle. Taking yams, brown sugar, butter, and a few other ingredients including a glaze you won’t be able to resist taking another plate behind everyone’s back. This dish is very dear to my family and it wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it.

10)Sweet Potato pie, the best pie in my opinion. This is a more southern way of cooking most people do pumpkin pie. I’m telling you, sweet potato is much better to ask Patty LaBelle. The flaky pie crust and it’s sugary sweet potato filling comforts me like nothing else.

Thank you for reading my list, tell me what’s your favorite? Also, have a Happy Holiday and be safe.