Horoscopes: your lucky Valentine’s Day gift

You’re going to have one of the most generic weeks of your life, but don’t let this get you down. Now is the time for you to appreciate the little things. Really savor your next french fry, take notice of the clouds in the sky and stop and smell the roses.
Lucky gift: roses

You are a force to be reckoned with. Your class and style draw attention from all around you. But be careful not to do too much or some bad karma might come when you least expect it.
Lucky gift: Godiva Assorted Signature Chocolate Truffles

Prospects are looking low for you. It’s gonna be a rainy week for you (metaphorically)—you won’t be able to find an umbrella so you’ll have to take cover under a toilet seat, but you’ll still get rained on because of the giant, gaping hole in the middle (metaphorically). Good luck, you’ll need it.
Lucky gift: a toilet seat

You’ve been working hard these past several months and it’s about to pay off. Keep going—at the rate you’re going, an Italian billionaire will fall in love with your work ethic and whisk you away to Fiji.
Lucky gift: Five day trip to Fiji

The angels have been looking out for you recently. You’ll probably find a stack of $100 bills in the parking lot of a Target soon.
Lucky gift: 2 carat diamond ring

You’re going to receive a very unconventional opportunity very soon. Don’t focus on its strangeness, appreciate its usefulness in your life.
Lucky gift: Multi-use cast-iron skillet

You have so many self-love revelations coming your way. You’re beautiful and kind and deserve to treat yourself.
Lucky gift: Red velvet cupcakes

You’re just living day-by-day, buddy. You’re the embodiment of the phrase “same soup, just reheated.” Maybe you’ll get a chance to escape the monotony of life next week.
Lucky gift: “Ur cool” note written on loose-leaf paper

You’re going to pass your next five tests. The universe is on your side. Good karma is coming to you this week.
Lucky gift: $50 amazon gift card

You are just a ball of sunshine right now. Luck is on your side and money is on the way. Talk to your crush this week, it’ll probably be the start of something beautiful.
Lucky gift: 18k gold Cartier bracelet

You’re going to have a dull week. Not bad, not good—just dull. Try talking to someone new to spice up your life.
Lucky gift: Box of plain cheerios

You’re just a comfort to the people around you. Be ready to accept love and affection from everybody you care about. Keep being you, you beautiful person.
Lucky gift: “I love you” teddy bear