Top 8 TV shows over quarantine


Greyson Martinescu

This past year has definitely made us more familiar with our TV’s

Greyson Martinescu, News Editor

One of the few benefits of being trapped at home is the extremely large variety of TV entertainment that is provided through a number of streaming services. With dozens of well orchestrated shows being available, it is rather difficult to narrow down what’s best, but these eight have kept fixed to my couch.

8. Game of Thrones

Although most reading could dispute whether the endings of the past two seasons sucked, why not relive seven seasons of jam-packed action. From epic, intensifying battle scenes to shifts in power that occur amongst all kingdoms. The race to the throne will for sure not keep you wanting to tune back in.

7. Tiger King
Despite this series being bizarre and quirky in so many ways, the clash between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin is one to get glued to. The range of controversies and speculation over keeping tigers and wild animals were oddly overwhelming to keep up with. As well as the shocking accusations and actions of murder and extortion are enough storylines to dive into for a couple of seasons. Not to mention the lengths that both sides are willing to go to in order to defend their reputation.

6. The Office
The title is as straightforward as it sounds, and that is what brings the humorous quality to this series. Having nine seasons worth of delving into the lives of many disgruntled office workers may seem stale at first. Although the foolishness and comedic efforts displayed to make the most of their workplace lives will make you want to tune back in.

5. Stranger Things
In the spirit of Halloween approaching, Stranger Things is one series that is guaranteed to keep the viewer in suspense. Through trying to piece together how one child could go missing near a top-secret laboratory and the sensational mystery surrounding top-secret government experiments. Not forgetting the petrifying and supernatural forces that are preying upon one small town and a tough group of kids. Despite being a year old with three seasons, Stranger Things is one series to keep you intrigued by the minute.

4. Seinfeld
Not every show has to be up-to-date in order to retain its relevance, and the best sitcom of the 90s is one example of that. Follow the comical lives of a group of New Yorkers through the funniest events that extend from the “soup Nazi” to the “Junior Mint.” Having nearly 170 episodes to get a chuckle from is paramount for the times that we currently live in. Seinfeld takes the cake over ‘Friends’ any day.
3. Cheer
Having the opportunity to get a huge perspective into the lives of multiple athletes in a sport that has risen in popularity is a privilege to see. Following the journey of the Navarro Cheer team and the grueling risks that each and every member of the group takes in order to come out on top will leave you in awe. You may also learn how, like any other sport, no athlete has the same distinctive background into how cheerleading brought them success.

2. The Last Dance
In a more documentary like presentation, this ESPN series won’t keep you from wanting to catch a glimpse into the Chicago Bulls 97-98 season. Along with the sports dynasty that this team brought along, this 10-part docu-series jumps into the life of how Micheal Jordan began his basketball career. Having the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the best NBA team of the 90s and arguably still today is one chance you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Hamilton

In Hamilton, Lin Manuel’s hit Broadway musical is brought to film in telling his historic tale through music and melody making it truly remarkable. The hyped up style of tunes followed with the story of the forgotten American founding father Alexander Hamilton is a masterpiece to not want to see. Learning the tale of his escape from poverty and how he fought for independence is a lesson that should be taught to us all.