Students take part in their own makeovers during nationwide pandemic


Kate Riley

About a week into quarantine I decided that I was going to dye my own hair pink.

Kate Riley, Online Features Editor

Over the past month, more teenagers have found themselves stuck at home than ever. Teenagers all over have had to come up with ways to keep their days interesting, one of which includes getting a whole new ‘do. It seems like every day, you can see someone posting their new hairstyle on Instagram.

While this is happening all across the internet, many students at DGS have also taken it upon themselves to cut or dye their hair while self-isolating.

The extended break has given many DGS students ample opportunity to try new things. Senior Reese Rhoads found herself semi-permanently dying her hair purple on day three of her self-quarantine.

“It was something I wanted to try out and I knew if I didn’t like it, it would be out by the time school would eventually return,” Rhoads said.

Freshman Amelia Giuffre had a similar train of thought while making the decision to cut bangs at home. The extended break provided some comfort that there would be time to perfect her look.

“I never really had the opportunity with my schedule and I was afraid it would look bad. I think everyone that tried a new hairstyle would agree since no one’s going to see them [that] if it looks bad they’ll just try again so now’s the time to do it,” Giuffre said.

For many girls the decision to change their hair wasn’t an impulsive one as many would perceive. The extended break only offered the ideal circumstances to act on dying or cutting their hair. Junior Brynn Dvoracek loved having the opportunity to finally be able to switch up her routine when she dyed her hair pink.

“I love playing around with my hair color and things along those lines. The only way being in quarantine impacted my decision is by giving me a lot more time in my day,” Dvoracek said.

With much time on everyone’s hands, no one to judge impulsive hair choice in public and no sports or activities in which crazy hair is frowned upon, now truly the perfect time to try buy that box of hair dye.