I tried the viral whipped coffee on TikTok


Kate Riley

This coffee may not be the prettiest when mixed, but it is delicious.

Kate Riley, Online Features Editor

Like all high schoolers across the country, I have had more than enough time throughout the past week to endlessly scroll through all of my social media accounts. While scrolling on TikTok for maybe the sixth time in one day, I came across a video that was taking the internet by storm: whipped coffee.

Let me tell you, as a barista I was immediately interested in this new form of latte. While a traditional latte has a small amount of milk foam, this whipped coffee had the actual coffee whipped instead of the milk. My mind was racing, especially because I had yet to consume any caffeine that morning.

My lack of caffeination inspired me to try this coffee out for myself. Lucky for me, the recipe was extremely easy. All I needed to make the coffee foam was two tablespoons of instant coffee, granulated sugar and hot water.

I began whipping these three ingredients with my whisk as the TikTok showed, however, a little less artsy. In order to get a good consistency I whipped the mixture for 3-4 minutes (nothing like the twenty minutes some people said on their own videos). I also watched a bit of TV to pass the time.

Within a matter of minutes, my coffee foam was ready and it was time to add in my choice of milk (soy). While most videos showed them putting the coffee foam on top of the ice and milk, I chose to put my foam on the bottom so it rose to the top and nicely incorporated itself into the drink when the milk was poured — just a little barista trick.

Overall, the whipped coffee was delicious. I had been missing my expensive iced lattes while under quarantine and this really hit the spot. The actual whipped coffee added an amazing texture to the drink that I believe is better than an iced latte.

Over the past few days I have tried several variations of this drink including the addition of vanilla extract, cocoa powder and iced chai concentrate. My favorite so far has been the chai latte, it’s taken the dirty chai to a whole new level.

This has probably been the best thing that has come out of this quarantine so far since it has stopped me from spending $130 on an espresso machine. I recommend that everyone tries this, as it was a fun way to start my morning and get me out of bed!