Students at DGS either take the bus, walk, bike or drive to school.

Students can commute to DGS in several ways, the most common being taking the bus. Students that live over 1.5 miles from school have buses before and after school provided for them. Bus arrival times may vary depending on where you live.

To see a list of bus routes click here or download the First Student bus tracking app to see where your bus is in real-time.

The after school activities buses leave DGS at 4:30 Monday- Thursday. There are no activity buses on Friday.

While students that live closer than 1.5 miles to school don’t have bus transportation, they can walk or bike to school. There are bike racks located around campus where students can lock up their bikes.

Another way in which students commute to school is by driving. For students getting dropped off or picked up, the official location to do so is in the West Events parking lot. For students that park,  a parking permit can be purchased from either the school to park in the senior or bus lot, or from others around DGS like Downers Grove residents’ parking lots or the Church on Dunham and 63rd.

Parking passes are prioritized for seniors and juniors. The sale of the passes begins at the end of the school year.