Find out what your favorite holiday treats are based on your horoscope

It's that time of the season again where dinner is basically dessert.


It's that time of the season again where dinner is basically dessert.

Vincent Llanes, Buisness Manager

It’s that time of the year again! People are blaring Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” and Santa spending time deciding who’s naughty or nice. To get the holiday season rolling, here are the holiday treats that you will enjoy most this year based on your horoscope.

Taurus: Cookies and milk
Santa’s not going to be eating well this Christmas with you around! You would love to indulge on these snacks without the care of the jolly gift-giver as a compassionate yet self-driven Taurus.

Aries: Pumpkin Pie
Are you seriously going to eat all those fancy, overrated Christmas treats? As a fiercely independent Aries, you’re going to enjoy the true, slightly off-season, Christmas snack: pumpkin pie.

Gemini: Eggnog
Good vibes run deep with Gemini. You are able to understand the importance of savoring truly delightful treats such as creamy eggnog.

Leo: Decorated Christmas cake
You sure love going all out, so there’s absolutely no reason why you would not want to eat an entire cake by yourself. Good luck, brave Leo.

Cancer: Peppermint pudding
Your attachment and empathy towards others lets you appreciate finer, delicate treats while everyone wolfs down these massive ones. Don’t worry, pudding can be very filling for its size!

Virgo: Gluten-free gingerbread
As Virgo, you would like to play it safe this year. Gingerbread can give you the nutritional advantage over these Christmas crazy carb consumers.

Libra: Snowflake Oreos
Nothing screams socialization and communication as much as sharing some snowflake Oreos with friends and family. Make sure to eat some yourself as well!

Scorpio: Candy cane
Candy canes are delicious, no matter what anyone else says! Show some rebellious spirit by eating some candy canes this year!

Capricorn: Fudge
Sometimes the tried and tested approach works best with food, especially the holiday type. Everyone loves fudge! Go with the traditional route and eat some good old fashioned fudge.

Aquarius: Turkey with stuffing
Your socially conscience nature allows you to appreciate the importance of sharing a high protein meal with everyone! Take charge by preparing some turkey with stuffing. As Aquarius, you most certainly appreciate change, and not every holiday treat has to be dessert!

Pisces: Holiday-shaped chocolates
Sometimes you have to think outside the box, literally. Chocolate can take on many forms that will be a feast not just for you, but for your creative mind as well!