Prasino brings organic food to a whole new level


Alyssa Moijca

A glimpse of Prasino outside of the establishment.

With the vast amount of fast-food chains opening up and the abundance of junk food options, Prasino, located on 93 South La Grange Road in La Grange, is a unique destination where all the food is organic. Their goal is to produce food from locally grown sources to ensure the quality and taste of what they serve.

As we were seated in our booth, I was surprised by the privacy given, as they were all separated by walls. The lighting was also dim, and there were candles on the table; this definitely set the peaceful tone of the restaurant. The music reminded me of something you would hear at a yoga class — very soothing, nature-like sounds and rhythms.

I ordered the Prasino Salad ($12); in the hope that I would see how fresh their food was. I had high expectations from the start, and not only did this salad meet my expectations, but it exceeded them easily.

The salad was lightly dressed with a tangy poppy seed dressing that did not overpower the salad at all. It also was somewhat sweet, which balanced the salty sunflower seeds, somewhat bitter leafy green. It also balanced the sweet oranges, strawberries and blueberries. There was also goat cheese, and it had a creamy texture with a nutty taste, that beautifully complemented the dressing.

My dad had ordered the turkey burger at $14 and described the meat as “super tender, not chewy at all. You would think appearance-wise it would be dry, but it was so flavorful and not dry at all.”

As a person who is always drinking Kombucha (fermented tea), I decided to order the pomegranate Kombucha ($6.50). It was a little pricey considering it was only a small drink of which I can go to the store and get double the amount for half the price. The only difference between the two was that this one was freshly brewed at the restaurant.

The Kombucha was tasty, as I had expected it to be. However, I felt like compared to other brands, this kombucha had an earthy flavor — you could tell that it was brewed with real ingredients. It was definitely very flavorful, but for the price, I probably would not order this drink again as it was a little pricey.

As for dessert, I decided to go get something different than my usual chocolate deserts and switched it up for a maple chomeur. It reminded me of a dense, spongy pancake textured bread with a warm maple sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream to balance the hot and cold in the desert. Out of everything I had at the restaurant, this was by far the best food item I had.

Not only was the food exceptional, but so was the service. The waitress was attentive and tried as best as she could to accommodate us in any way possible to make us feel comfortable and welcomed in the restaurant.

The prices reminded me of other restaurants similar to Prasino, with an average entree costing around $15 to $20. However, for the quality of the food being served, I did not mind this price.

Because of the attentive service and exceptional food, I would give this restaurant a 4.7 out of 5 stars. With the name of a restaurant being named after the Greek word that means “green,” you can’t get food fresher than this, and I will be sure to come back.