Ariana Grande’s surprise single ‘Thank u, next’ is moving

Natalie Casas

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Natalie Casas

Natalie Casas sitting in the library reading the lyrics of “Thank u, next”.

Ariana Grande released a surprise single,”Thank u, next” on Nov. 3. This single has already reached No.1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

“Thank u, next” has a lot of buzz, because it not only has become the quickest single ever to exceed 100 million Spotify streams, it also has an underlying message behind the lyrics. Grande shouts out to all of her famous exes in this soft and light song.

Don’t let the catchy melody fool you, because in a matter of .25 seconds Grande reveals her personal life to the listener. She brings her past exes to the spotlight.

“Thought I’d end up with Sean but he wasn’t a match.” In 2014, Big Sean and Ariana Grande dated for eight months.

“Wrote some songs about Ricky, but now I listen and laugh.” She dated a backup dancer named, Ricky Alvarez in 2015.

“Even almost got married.” Grande refers to her engagement after a month of seeing Pete Davidson in May 2018. The couple later split in October 2018.

“Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm because he was an angel.” Mac Miller and Ariana Grande dated for two years and ended their relationship in May 2018. The couple split because of an overwhelming addiction that Miller dealt with. In September 2018, Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose.

Grande received a lot of hate online, being blamed for his overdose. This single tackles all of the backlash and drama between social media and her public relationships.

As the tune continues it rolls with repetition repeating the main chorus, ”thank u, next”. She assures the audience that she is “grateful for my ex”.

The song takes a turn when Grande incorporates self-love into it. The overall message is that she is “grateful” for the experiences with her past exes and that she doesn’t need anyone else, because she is strong.

It is not another single, it is a moving ballad. And I’m not a die-hard fan of Grande’s work.

She takes all the pain and puts into her lyrics, it is heartfelt. It’s so real because the public eye knows all of her past and this was sort of her way to use her power in singing to express herself through the pain.