Horoscope 5/23


Natalie Casas, Online Features Editor

Aries: Stay confident this summer, just don’t be overly boastful about yourself.

Taurus: Don’t stand by and watch your life go by, take some initiative.

Gemini: We get it your birthday is close… get over it.

Cancer: If you stand too close, you’ll get caught in the middle.

Leo: Why are you stressed out? School is almost done, unless you have summer school.

Virgo: Hold yourself together, because there is a bumpy ride ahead.

Libra: Don’t take what people say to heart, they’re just words.

Scorpio: Slow down your day, before it speeds right past you.

Sagittarius: Turn those toxic relationships into healthy ones. You need some stability in your life.

Capricorn: You need to turn in every bit left of yourself to pass 2nd Semester.

Aquarius: Stay in your daydreams because misery is going to spill into your weekend.

Pisces: Come up with a plan to gain some control of your happiness.