“This Is America”


Natalie Casas, Online Features Editor

May 5, 2018: Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino hosted and was the artist to perform for Saturday Night Live and performed his new song This is America. Shortly after his broadcast on SNL, he released his music video for the song. Within four days the music video hit fifty million views and became the number one trending for Twitter.

As soon as your fingers clicked play, a black screen appears then the rapid music of jibberish and instruments start, a man appears, everything sounds happy. Then a quick gunshot sparks the audience… a horrific moment.

A jaw clenching, foot tapping, intriguing, fast-paced video clip that has got social media talking and even conversation all around the world talking. Multiple hidden messages for viewers to unravel, however, not easily found after one viewing of the video. It took me three to five times of watching the video and when I did I found what seemed to be new details to me.

Many people have made videos trying to dig out every piece of evidence that is going on through this four minute and four-second video. Everything from Childish Gambino’s main character vibe to every small piece of the background or even the location of the video.

In an interview with Donald Glover about his role in the new Star Wars movie, they dabbled in trying to ask some of the meanings of his famous video and this was his response. This was on the Chris Van Vliet youtube channel.

“No. I feel like that’s not really my place to do that, yeah I just think it’s something there. And you know it’s for the people. I don’t want to give it any context. Whatever I make is for the people, you can watch this movie and walk away with whatever you want to walk away with.” Donald Glover said.

America really took it generally as his way to show the way gun violence has been taking control of our society. The way I saw it was the way minorities in America haven’t really ever moved up in the sense of progression, how our young people glorify violence instead of trying to stop it, how casual it is to take another human life and level up the weapon than a life. It showed the irony of our society as is, it was a message to all for how we can be seen by others and how we look to other nations across the world.

Donald Glover just now starting blowing up because of his success of not only the video but his skill set. Glover is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, record producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ.

Everyone is ready to see what’s next from both Donald Glover and Childish Gambino because you’ve gotten our attention.