Horoscope 4/25

Horoscope 4/25

Aries: Dark blue. You may be feeling as if the end of the year is getting to you, but I know that you will push through it. 

Taurus: Pink. There will be a lot of love filled for the rest of your day. Even if you can not see it now, it will appear in some type of form. 

Gemini: Yellow. Today you will shine as bright as the sun. You will be someone’s source of light and joy. 

Cancer: Red. Your day might have started out weak, but it will end on a good note.

Leo: Purple. You will be creative today and come up with an idea that will change the way people view the world.

Virgo: Green. Today you will be in tune with the earth. You will see beauty in nature, and nature will find beauty in you. 

Libra: White. You will find cleanliness in your day today. Take the time to appreciate the simple things around you. 

Scorpio: Black. Someone will try to ruin your mood today. Instead of allowing them to do so, take a deep breath and realize they do not have the power to ruin your day. 

Sagittarius: Orange. You will feel power today in everything you do. You will feel as if you can take on the world in great ways. Act on it and do something amazing with it. 

Capricorn: Gray. You believe nothing special will happen today, but know that there will always be something spectacular happening within you. 

Aquarius: Light blue. You will feel very light today. You will feel like a weight was lifted off of your shoulder, and the world is more at peace than before. Appreciate it and take it all in. 

Pisces: Brown. You will build something great out of all of your opportunities today. Build something great.