Top 10 water brands


Will Miller, Social Media Director

  1. Voss

The crispest tasting water on the market. It comes in a super cool bottle. Even mentioned by Lil Uzi Vert as he compared his diamonds to Voss.

   2.FIJI Water

Mentioned by infamous rapper Chief Keef in his song “OG FIJI.” He stated that he drinks FIJI water and always has a bottle on him.


After one bottle of Smartwater your IQ rises 2%. I can’t tell if it has anything special about it, but if it makes me smarter, why not?


Evian just came out with a new bottle that features the squirt cap. With this addition you can still get the refreshing benefits with the cool new cap.


The normal water by Aquafina isn’t that good, but the sparkling water is fantastic. The new pineapple mango is by far the best flavor.

   6.Ice Mountain

Best water to buy in a case. It’s a little more expensive but worth it.


Dasani is good, but very overpriced. The only reason it’s on here is because it is being forced on you at public events.


What product from Walgreens isn’t fantastic? The water is refreshing, but the plastic bottle feels a tad large.

   9.Great Value

Terrible, tastes like plastic. The bottle doesn’t fit nicely in your hand. Walmart is terrible in general.

   10.Tap water

Is absolutely terrible. No further comment.