Birds eye view of the Gulf of Mexico from a window seat of an airplane.
Bird’s eye view of the Gulf of Mexico from a window seat of an airplane.
Grace Rerucha

Travelers take a trip through the benefits of travel

It’s a chilly 5 a.m. Tuesday morning at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The overhead PA system screeches out gate numbers that are barely audible, small children cry and thrash manically as parents attempt to get them on the plane. Airport chaos can be a stressful situation before taking a trip, but the benefits outweigh the pressure.

About 760 flights depart from O’Hare airport on average each day. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular travel holidays. On average, there are about 45,000 commercial flights that takeoff within the United States each day.

Cinderella’s castle inside of the Disney park, Magic Kingdom. (Grace Rerucha)

Flying is just one way that people like to travel. Other transportation options include cars, buses, trains, etc. Travel has become more and more popular as more travel options appear. While making trips inside the country, road trips can be just as fun.

Traveling is one of the best ways to gain experience and learn more about other places in the world. Nationally, visiting other states allows people to see how each state has their own way of living life. Junior Sophia Graber travels with her softball team to play games out of state.

“I think as long as everyone is in the financial position to be able to pay for a trip I think it’s a great experience for the team to see different competition. I think the team bonds a lot over out of state trips. We pretty much all stay in the same hotel and in-between our games we find activities to do; last year we went to Nashville and Holland, Michigan,” Graber said.

Broadening one’s horizons by getting out of their own state every now and then creates a more well rounded human being. Going to new places is exposure to different ways of doing things, even if it’s just to the next state over.

People travel for many reasons: fun, work, family and sports. How about a combination of both? PE teacher Nathan Terry travels to Disney often with his family often, making them frequent Disney-goers.

“My favorite place to travel is always going to be Disney. I think that’s where our family finds their best selves. It’s a place to have adventures and get away, but I’ve been very fortunate to travel for various reasons like family, vacation and job outside of school… Disney has become a regular place for us,” Terry said.

Family is a value that can be found all over the world. About 28% of people have families that live out of state. Senior Olivia Nowowiejska has family out of the country, all the way in Poland. With family that far away, Nowowiejska makes frequent international trips. 

“A majority of my family is in Poland. I always love to see where my parents grew up and learn more about my family and culture. I feel like every time I have traveled out of the country I have always come home with a whole new perspective and appreciation for diversity. Also, it provides opportunity and space to unwind and disconnect from everyday stressors,” Nowowiejska said.

Traveling out of the country may be a hassle with all of its difficulties, such as getting a non-expired passport, going through customs and finding a safe place to stay. However, the counter to these difficulties includes lots of learning and other cultures.

“I love to see new places and to explore other cultures and I think it builds character in a good way because it can allow kids to explore and gain independence. My brother and I walked around Rome a few years ago and I think it helped us bond and gives us good stories to talk about now. It also has influenced me to have an appreciation for other cultures and places,” Graber said.

— Sophia Graber

A view of Polands country in the fall time with the leaves on trees changing colors.

Going out of the country can teach new experiences that might have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for the trip. These new things might end up as habits back at home. Social studies teacher Laura Rodey experienced the culture of South Africa and learned a lot from it, even as a teacher.

“We then go to see some of the historical sites, like where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheid. It was by far the most unique trip I have taken. For each place I go, I try to experience the history and culture of the place by visiting museums, historical sites and restaurants, as well as the nature of the place by going on hikes, renting bikes, etc,” Rodey said.

In addition to the cultures brought on by travel, a vacation must include having everything in order and planned out well. If not, trips can become more of a stressor than a relaxation or lesson.

A view of Poland’s country in the fall time with the leaves on trees changing colors. (Olivia Nowowiejska)

“Definitely plan ahead, you want to have all your ducks in a row. At the end of the day, you are a guest and just enjoy the moment and know what you are getting yourself into. If you go to Disney, there are going to be long lines, it’s a theme park,” Terry said.

“Be kind to the people that are there because they are there to make your experience enjoyable. Be amenable to their customs and try to fit in as best as you can,” Terry said.

— Nathan Terry

The combination of a well-planned trip and the overall exposure to travel can result in some of the best memories. Culture remains a large value of people today and getting out to encounter the world is the best way to live life.

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