Senior Alex Hernandez goes ‘wild’ for wings

Senior Alex Hernandezs favorite menu item is the buy one get one six half honey BBQ half garlic parmesan boneless wings.
Senior Alex Hernandez’s favorite menu item is the “buy one get one” six half honey BBQ half garlic parmesan boneless wings.
Nicholas Sadelski

It’s not uncommon to have a favorite restaurant to eat at, but it is uncommon to go to it every week for over a year. Senior Alex Hernandez has been going to Buffalo Wild Wings once a week for a year since Aug. 25, 2022.

Hernandez first started eating at the restaurant when he found out about Buffalo Wild Wings “Boneless Thursdays,” which is a buy one, get one free deal on boneless chicken wings. Along with the incentive of extra food, it was also a place to spend time with family.

“My sister was already going to b-dubs for the ‘buy one get one deal’ on Thursdays and invited me to go with her and her friends; it was my first time in awhile, and I really liked it. After that I decided to go there with my cousins because I’m very close with them and wanted to take them to b-dubs because we would always hang out,” Hernandez said.

After casually going to Buffalo Wild Wings, Hernandez noticed he had already started a streak of going consistently every week, prompting him to make the year-long commitment.

“Around August of last year, I started going every week and in the months after that. Then by January, I noticed I had been every week, and I haven’t missed a week. So it started as a joke to see how long I go for a year, and then after hitting one year, a tradition beyond that,” Hernandez said.

Even though going to the restaurant started as a joke, the experience has had a positive side effect of introducing new friends into Hernandez’s life.

“I always look forward to starting new conversations and seeing how my friends are doing, but also when I would bring them, they would sometimes ask if they could bring one of their other friends. So I became friends with them; I can become friends with anyone,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez and friends gather to celebrate the one year anniversary. (Alex Hernandez)

Senior Danny DiNaso, a friend of Hernandez, estimates he’s been to Buffalo Wild Wings with Hernandez 10-15 times.

“I started going in around six months but by that time, I felt the dedication from him. It’s pretty cool to be a part of this legacy, especially being there for the one-year anniversary seeing all the servers know his name and how he knows the servers and bosses; it’s really cool to see how they interact,” DiNaso said.

The environment of Buffalo Wild Wings plays a major role in Hernandez’s recurring visits.

I like hanging out with my friends. We talk, we joke around, It’s really fun to have a place to talk to people. It’s not like a fast food place where you get McDonald’s and sit in the car; here you enjoy the experience,

— Alex Hernandez

Catie Kenny, a server at the Seven Bridges Buffalo Wild Wings location, shares her view of his journey from the other side of the table.

“I think he is very committed to our boneless special. I think he likes our boneless wings–that’s the reason why he comes. He always has a smile on his face with friends, so I’m happy for him if he is happy,” Kenny said.

Kenny talks about the impact Hernandez has on the restaurant with his frequent visits.

Hernandez has a list rating all the sauces he’s tried. (Alex Hernandez)

“He is known to the staff. I mean I know him a little bit; I know him because I’ve had him a few times, but I’d say most people have heard of him because he’s had many servers,” Kenny said.

According to Hernandez, he estimates that $1,040 has been spent in total during his time going to Buffalo Wild Wings.

“It’s definitely weird that I’ve been going here for a year because it feels like I haven’t been going for that long. Going once a week is crazy but for me, it feels like it’s something I have to do,” Hernandez said.

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