Student run accounts dominate social media platforms

December 7, 2022

Students around DGS are influenced by social media everyday, especially since the most accessible kind is found right in their pockets. The expansion of social media accounts documenting the student body have been popularized and can spread positivity through niche topics. The Morning Shift and Primetime are two great examples of these micro-influencers around the school.

The Morning Shift, hosted by seniors Tim Dudasik and Josh Traugott features the boys trying different foods and drinks with special guests. While some videos are filmed in school, the hosts have also ventured out to local businesses. The two seniors have heard lots of feedback and promotions to follow or share the content have popped up around other students’ social media.

The account has 210 followers and guests like social studies teacher Greg Maloney. Positive comments have flooded onto their feed, and they are always reaching out to promote to students.

“It’s great to see how many people like our show, and we just want to continue what we’re doing. Filming reviews with teachers is more enjoyable and they appreciate the editing,” Dudasik said.

The hosts plan to make more content in the future and look forward to inviting more guests.

“Primetime” is a Snapchat story run by juniors Mia Passi and Lucas Ciocan. They review the energy drink Prime and interview students about their thoughts on different flavors.

The more popular an account gets, the more the student body begs for the latest and greatest. Passi spoke on the pressure of pushing out greater content.

“It’s hardest to beat the content from the video before. We always want to put out something better,” Passi said.

While creating the videos and seeing the reactions is fun for Dudasik and Traugott, they are challenged in the time and effort it takes to make their well-edited content.

“The frequent upload schedule is the most challenging part of running The Morning Shift because of our schedule conflict and the time it takes to plan, film and edit. We want to put the best content out and sometimes that can be time consuming,” Traugott said.

The responses from the student body have been noticed by both accounts.

“It’s amazing to see people recognize me in the halls and even outside of school. We get a lot of positive feedback from students and teachers,” Dudasik said.

These social media accounts as well as others in past years often have a positive impact on the community and the humor and lightheartedness they bring is spread in the school when new content comes out.

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