Personal rituals embedded into student activities

February 22, 2022

A lot like a fingerprint, personal superstitions have their very own make up and design like no other. People all around the world have all sorts of different routines in their daily lives that can often be coined as personal superstitions. While some may deem these habits as absurd, they are entirely personal and subjected to those who may believe them.

Stage crew has many different beliefs that happen to attract bad luck before a show. Senior Cathy Gadomski shared some of these rituals.

“There’s a superstition about whistling on stage because in the olden days, the way riggers would communicate was via whistling; therefore, if someone were to whistle on stage and a rigger would hear it, the rigger might drop something that shouldn’t be dropped or lowered. It’s bad luck that something will fall on whoever whistles,” Gadomski said.

Not only does stage crew have their own sets of superstitions, DGS athletes also indulge in quite a few of their own as well. Senior Nick Terry abides by his own rules when it comes to game day.

“My superstition is driving to school on game days. I feel it’s a lucky charm sort of thing that started when we won our first game… I’d driven to school that day,” Terry said.

There will always be a raised eyebrow from coaches, peers, parents and others, but the superstition only makes sense to the person who believes in it, and that’s why its meaning exists.

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