The causes for the rise in popularity

January 23, 2022

While crystal healing has been a type of practice that has evolved over years, the new wave of spiritual exploration has arisen due to the pandemic. With people stuck at home, many started to venture into religious practices to cope with the negativity surrounding them.

Junior Megan Fox, someone who has been practicing crystal healing as well as other types of metaphysical practices for a year now talked about how they started to get into crystal healing.

“So I first heard about them my freshman year from a couple of my friends, they had been into it for a while and I was like ‘oh that’s pretty cool’ so I decided I [wanted] to learn about it and then quarantine happened and obviously I had all this time on my hands so I decided why not look into it and I kind of learned about spirituality and crystals and tarot and stuff like that,” Fox said.

Fox then talked about the wave of crystal healing that has hit many and if she was a part of that wave of following the trend.

“As they have been getting more popular I have definitely been buying more… and not spending my money very wisely but I also think too with that popularity I think that I also am trying to actually educate myself on it rather than [some others] who will just say ‘I’m gonna get a piece of carnelian because it’s going to fix my life’ like no, I’m realistic with it but I do think that as they have gotten more popular I have bought a ton more,” Fox said.

While the practice of crystal healing has been something that was practiced in ancient Sumerian times the craze has made significant strides online. On Google Trends the search percentile started to rise in 2017, this rise has slowly been rising from 30% of popularity where now it is reaching 100% of popularity of the term ‘Crystal healing.’

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