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Perinat’s cousin is a hairdresser and has been dressing her up ever since she was nine years old.

Model Angelina Perinat has no bad hair days

As senior Angelina Perinat receives the final components to complete her look at Salon Haven, she is spun around to face the crowd of perfectly put together stylists, all analyzing her. For nearly a year, Perinat has been a volunteer hair model at her cousin’s salon.

Not only does Perinat have all eyes on her when she is modeling, but she has every type of stylist getting her ready; from hair to make up, Perinat is the prime focus. Perinat brushes her bangs out of her eyes, claiming the hairdressers know no boundaries when it comes to getting her ready.

“The [hairdressers] will get close up in my face and try to look at my hair and take pictures, and I just have to be okay with it,” Perinat said.

As a model, Perinat not only has to trust the stylist to keep her best interests in mind, but her best looks as well. She has to keep an open-mind to new experiences, so she can help the hairdressers improve upon their skills.

“When they want to take pictures, I am not really photogenic. I don’t mind if they want to take pictures of the back of my hair, but if they want to from the front, I’m not the biggest fan. I do it for my cousin so … whatever it’s fine,” Perinat said.

Modeling at her cousin’s salon gave Perinat a lot of experience in the field of fashion, but her tone is confident when she claims it is not her main passion.

“My cousin always wants to get me into [modeling], but I think I want to go to film school, if anything,” Perinat said.

Since Perinat is volunteering for her cousin, she does not mind missing out on the perks that many other models would normally get.

“Because it’s my cousin, I don’t mind. It’s just I want to help her out, and it is more fun. It doesn’t feel like work or anything,” Perinat said.

Through her modeling experiences at Salon Haven, Perinat describes how she relates to social media influencers who feel they have no say in how they are perceived in the modeling world.

“You literally have no say in [makeovers] at all. You literally go with whatever they want. If they want to pull your hair a certain way you just have to go with it, so I guess I can relate to [other models’ experiences] in that way,” Perinat said

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