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Elizabeth Rose Szpytek
Elizabeth Rose Szpytek (they/them/theirs or she/her/hers) is a senior at Downers Grove South, and—for reasons still unknown—oversees the online opinions section for the Blueprint. Szpytek, a self-described "genderqueer woman," is passionate about fighting the cissexism, transmisogyny and sexism that is ingrained into our society. She is a youth leader at Transcend, a trans youth group in Naperville. They also participate in their high school's peer-tutoring program. Their free time is mostly spent annoying old geezers at stoplights by blasting bad pop punk out her car’s speakers and writing (as well as perpetually editing) short stories. Szpytek tries to alleviate the infinite monotony of suburbia by escaping into film, video games and podcasts.  They aspire to have a stable career in something although exactly what is unclear. Just not math.

Elizabeth Rose Szpytek, Online Opinions Editor

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