Hinsdale South student charged with six felonies after threatening Hinsdale South High School

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Hinsdale South student charged with six felonies after threatening Hinsdale South High School

After finding explosives, weapons and a Nazi uniform in the possession of a student from Hinsdale South, police arrested him for eight felonies on Oct. 5. for making threats to the Hinsdale South High School. The student is set to stand in front of a judge Oct. 19, and this is still an ongoing investigation.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the student allegedly called it the “Southocaust.” The student was making threats through Snapchat and to a specific student. A student reported these threats to the high school, and police were called.

Students from Hinsdale South are questioning their safety because of the threat to the school.

Hinsdale South senior Bailey Zvonik shares his feelings about the event.

“It’s just a little unsettling knowing that this is happening where I go to school. I feel like I should be watching it on my TV about someone else, it’s just unreal to think it actually happened,” Zvonik said.

This occurrence has caused a stir outside of the school as well.

The threat hits close to home for DGS sophomore Justin Yang because his sister, senior Judy Yang, attends Hinsdale South.

“Now I’m afraid. Will our school be next? Will someone be crazy enough to do the same thing that happened at Judy’s school? You used to only hear about these accidents but now you are starting to hear more about it. I’m not to sure, are you supposed to be worried going to school now or not,” Justin Yang said.

Despite the concern from students and the surrounding areas, Hinsdale South’s administration is following procedures for such an event.

As the news came out, the school sent out an email to all parents and staff informing them of what was going on at the moment. In the email, the District mentioned that Hinsdale South students and staff are safe, and school can operate on a normal schedule.

Commander with Darien Police, Gerry Piccoli, gives an update on the active investigation.

“The young man is still being held in a juvenile detention facility in Cook County. He is due to go back in front of a judge next week, Oct. 19. As far as that goes, it is still an active investigation. We are still continuing to follow up on active leads that have developed since that time,” Piccoli said.

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