Horrible horror: Top five worst horror movies of all time

Lauren Miranda

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Lifting spirits
November 13, 2023

Lauren Miranda

“The Haunting of Molly Hartley” is definitely not a movie one should spend their time watching.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and for many that means getting into the spooky spirit. Whether it’s going to haunted houses, carving jack-o’-lanterns or watching scary movies, everyone has their own way of enjoying the festive activities this season brings.

If one is lured down the scary movie path and is looking for a truly terrifying, bloodcurdling scare, these movies should definitely not be at the top of their must-watch list, or even on their list for that matter. Here are five of the absolutely worst horror movies that even the king of Halloween, Jack Skellington, wouldn’t approve of.

1. “One Missed Call”: Earning a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the 2008 film directed by Eric Vallette offers nothing to viewers besides stale acting and a cheap production. Apart from not being even remotely scary, the movie is too tedious to pick fun at. Sorry to disappoint, but those coming to watch a captivating and innovative horror movie definitely dialed the wrong number.

2. “Slenderman”: With a great cast anchored by Joey King and Jaz Sinclair, and trailblazing camerawork by director Sylvain White, one would think this film would be a contender for one of the best horror movies produced in 2018. However, the bland writing makes it impossible for the actors to sell their characters, and the absence of jump scares combined with the lackluster ending turns the 1 hour and 40 minutes spent watching into a waste of time. The writers clearly didn’t know how to use the iconic monster, dwindling him down to a useless figure in an already boring horror movie.

3. “Ouija”: The film, directed by Stiles White and released in 2014, lacks memorable characters and ideas, immediately exposing its lack of passion and creativity. This quick Halloween throwaway was a clear money grabber, disappointing both horror movie and spiritual board game fans alike. When asked to recommend this movie, the Ouija board spells out, “No”.

4. “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”: Released in 2008 and earning a two percent on Rotten Tomatoes, this film clearly feigns originality and makes the movie entirely forgettable. Besides the main draw of the then popular actor Chase Crawford, who plays Joseph Young, the movie has no standout characters to help develop the bizarre plot. While Halley Bennet, who plays Molly Hartley, attempts to engage the audience, her character is easily interchangeable with any other teenage b-list horror star.

5. “Troll 2”: This movie, directed by Claudio Fragasso and released in 1990, is labeled as a comedy horror film. However, the only laughs are aimed at the peculiar script and dreadful acting, rather than strategic, intentional jokes. The film is a sheer disaster from start to finish; it not only lacks scares and visionary ideas but pure logic and sanity. But the biggest question is how the film acquired its title, “Troll 2”, when there are literally no trolls featured in the movie; they must be only on the internet.