‘Home Alone’: not a Christmas movie

I’m gonna say it: Home Alone isn’t a Christmas movie.

Sarah Nitti

I’m gonna say it: Home Alone isn’t a Christmas movie.

As the holiday season rolls around, there’s nothing merrier than sitting with a loved one all bundled up with blankets and hot chocolate, cuddled up next to the fire watching a Christmas movie. Now what film is playing is beyond me, I don’t care (as long as it’s not “Christmas Vacation” then you’re fine), but I’m just gonna say it: “Home Alone” is not a Christmas movie.

I feel like you are probably like “This girl is crazy, out of her mind. What do you mean “Home Alone” is not a holiday movie?” But don’t worry, I was in the same boat once too.

As I scrolled through the internet, searching for the perfect film to fill my non-existent holiday spirit void (thank you 2020), I came across an article claiming that “Home Alone” wasn’t in fact a Christmas movie, but one set during the Christmas season. And at first I thought “OK well that makes zero sense.” But as I took the liberty to actually re-watch it myself, I’m completely on board with this theory.

First and foremost, there is nothing holly and jolly about having two home invaders literally try to kill you. I feel like this is obvious though, but for some reason most look past this and see the Christmas tree in the corner and then deem it as a holiday spectacular.

I know If I was Kevin McCallister, I would most definitely not count this very traumatic experience as one of my top five Christmases’ of all time. I would probably go to therapy or something like that, so with that being said I would probably consider this a horror film, rather than a fun Christmas movie.

As I continued to read this article, it brought up and extremely interesting point. No matter what time of the year, if you left your young child at home alone while you were supposed to live it up in a different state or country, you would be freaking out, honestly even more that Mrs. McCallister did.

I still could see where people are getting confused. Yes, it does take place during this holiday, and we can tell because in the opening scenes we see the McCallister family getting ready for a Christmas concert – which brings back so many unnecessary memories for me. But other than that the main storyline is just Kevin trying to get rid of the bad guys.

I feel like this conclusion that we have come to is actually a good thing. Now we are able to enjoy the “Home Alone” series throughout the whole year without getting silently judged from our friends and family.