Hybrid learning provides the best pratical option


Greyson Martinescu

Starting October 19, students will have the chance to return for in person learning

Greyson Martinescu, News Editor

Students should return to hybrid because it maximizes responsibility and safety.

When this pandemic hit back in March, closing in-person learning was the right decision at that time due to uncertainty about the severity of the virus. Given all the information that has been discovered about how to limit transmission indoors and the long-term effects of remote learning, returning to school on a limited schedule is the most sustainable option.

The sudden shift in how students across the country and world learn academically has all but hampered the mental and physical capabilities of how students perform overall in accomplishing school-related tasks. Not forgetting to mention the consistent internet issues that arise when the whole schools attempts to use Zoom at the same time

One study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder shines a bright light on this occurring issue. Out of dozens of students surveyed, an overwhelming majority strongly agree or agree that Covid-19 has negatively impacted their learning environment, homework efforts and stress levels with consistently learning from home. While the same majority strongly disagree or disagree on the basis that they are performing better overall while being at home.

One other important aspect is the social interaction. Not being able to establish in-person connections ultimately contributes to lingering anxiety, nervousness and consistent worrying. Having students in a modified social setting and not behind the screen 24/7 is what drives them to engage and accomplish tasks far better.

The key for all this to work is finding a balance in returning as many students as possible but not letting the virus transmit out of control. It appears to be that a balance has been found in the newly modified hybrid schedule. Although it has been insisted that the school will be jammed pack based off the few images we saw off the internet of crowded school hallways, this will not be the case.

Classrooms will not become overcrowded as all groups are split in half by name and use of lockers and conjugating in the halls won’t be allowed. As masks have been constantly proven to reduce the risk of transmission in public settings, having face shields provides yet another layer of protection amongst the entire face.

Along with that, students needing to honestly answer a range of symptom related questions is crucial in providing a net of safety if someone who is potentially carrying the virus cannot enter the classroom. Each and every student/teacher plays a vital role in the safe return of in-person learning and it begins with maximizing safety protocols in the building. Most importantly, being honest about reporting symptoms and illnesses when asked.