Dear President Trump: stop being racist


President Trump's words are harmful to our society.

Dear President Trump,

Since the COVID-19 virus has caused a pandemic, it has created widespread panic among the people of the world. It has also caused something you will never understand: xenophobia and racism.

On Mar. 17, you tweeted a message that said, “For the people that are now out of work because of the important and necessary containment policies, for instance the shutting down of hotels, bars and restaurants, money will soon be coming to you. The onslaught of the Chinese Virus is not your fault! Will be stronger than ever!”

Viruses and ethnicities do not correlate in any way, form or fashion. You then proceeded to claim in a conference the next day that your comment of calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” is because it came from China.

By you, the president of the United States, saying a comment like that, you are inserting casual racism into a problem that was no single person or ethnicity’s fault. You are leading people to shame the Asian-Amerian community for something they didn’t do. You are opening a gateway of people thinking that it’s acceptable to discriminate against Asian people and perform acts of racism, or even worse, hate crimes.

You are also repeating history. It wasn’t long ago where the Chinese weren’t allowed in our country and couldn’t become US citizens because they were taking jobs from the white man. Now you’re saying that the Chinese caused the shutdown of restaurants and other companies.

Memes are plastered all over the internet, mocking Asian people for their accents, eating habits and their hygiene. People are saying things like how they hate the lady who ate the bat soup and mocking Asians by saying “it’s corona time” in a stereotypical Asian accent.

Did you know that in New York earlier this month, an Asian man was maliciously sprayed with Febreze on the subway while being verbally abused with racist remarks about the coronavirus? In the country that you rule, might I add.

So before you think to call the coronavirus the “Chinese virus,” think about all of the consequences that come with it. Impressionable youth and the people that follow you see that, and will think that because you associate the coronavirus with Chinese people, that it’s OK for them to do it too.

This isn’t the first group of people you have maliciously targeted. From your “Muslim ban” to allowing immigrants of color to be mistreated in what are basically internment camps, it is no surprise to me that something like this would be condoned under your watch.

But as an Asian-American, it is beyond frustrating to see my people be subjected to such horrible acts of hatred and racism and see that the most powerful person in our country that does nothing but add fuel to the fire.

You do not “love all the people in this country” as you claimed in your conference, you love to think for yourself, and you love to destroy American society by not educating yourself and taking the blame for the ignorant comments you make.

President Trump, call it what you want, but you are a racist. Real human beings are being attacked because of your choice of words. What’s more important to you, protecting your people or renaming a virus that already has a name?


A human being with human-decency