Winter Spirit Week almost makes me want to go to Turnabout this weekend — almost


Courtesy of Mike Simmons

This is a gem from my freshman year Turnabout Dance: photo evidence why I should never go again.

Jacob Casella, Social Media Director

DGS — you’ve done a great job this spirit week! The themes of the week have been so good (go student council), and the excitement in the school has been building. Flannel Day, College Day, USA Day, Jersey Day and DGS spirit wear are the themes that we have deserved.

Most of the time, the themes for spirit week and the dance do not match what the students want. This time, the student council was on fire. Outer space is a theme that also is totally in.

Even though DGS always has better events than DGN (I’ve been to both), sometimes we do lack in the theme department.

Although this week has been overall very exciting and fresh, it hasn’t been perfect. Then again, nothing is perfect.

I did have to walk through a tunnel of flannel-wearing freshmen and sophomores on Monday morning cheering for me, which was a bit much, but these underclassmen get an “A” for effort.

Also, ‘Yummy’ by Justin Bieber playing in the hallway on Monday morning was not a good way to start my week. That song is worse than me singing ‘thank u, next’ and is not appropriate for a classroom setting. It literally makes me vomit.

With the exception of these two minor flaws, spirit week has been amazing. I have never been excited for Turnabout before, and I do not know if it is because I am a senior or because this week has been really well planned.

Hopefully, at the assembly on Friday, fan favorites like the Steppers and Cultures in Alliance groups will perform their sick routines, and the freshmen won’t be annoying. (It’s a stretch, but…)

Never forget last year when Mr. Schwartz danced to ‘Old Town Road.’

There has just been an energy to this week that has been unmatched. It makes me almost want to attend Turnabout — almost.

But … I’m not a freshman.