DGS, aren’t you cold?


Jacob Casella

Sherpa jacklets are not appropriate winter coats, DGS students.

DGS, aren’t you cold? Classrooms are improperly heated and the weather in Chicago during the winter is often below zero degrees. Do you really think you look cute in shorts at school?

I have vivid memories of people (mostly boys) in elementary school making a point about wearing shorts every day in the winter. Back then, they were either cargo shorts or highlighter-yellow Nike Elites, and my body temperature literally dropped ten degrees just by looking at them.

When I got to high school, I thought this would change. Sadly, it did not and I see at least five students wear Birkenstock sandals every day at school, despite the fact that there is snow on the ground. I have a question — how are your feet not cold and how is the leather on your sandals not destroyed?

Although the days of neon Nike Elites are over, I still see students in running or khaki shorts all the time. Besides being cold, these outfits are not seasonably fashionably appropriate.

There are some things I do understand, one is not wearing a coat. Many students do not go to their locker and may not have enough room in it to even fit a coat. If we are only outside to walk to our cars or the bus, then students don’t have to bring a coat to school.

I feel like people think they are tough for wearing clothes for the heat in the cold. I cannot believe that dudes think they’re more manly because they don’t wear a coat.

And these boys — they’re going to become annoying middle-aged men. We all know the annoying dad who doesn’t wear a coat and is always “hot.” He wears cargo shorts with a hole in them and New Balance gym shoes that are stained from mowing the lawn too much and a beanie. He is my father.

Like, it is OK to be cold. I do not understand why wearing an oversized sherpa bought from Amazon is seen as a winter coat by some. It’s not.

We live in one of the coldest and snowiest cities in the country. If you wanted to wear summer clothes in the winter, you should’ve chosen to live in the South or the Southwest– even Florida (I don’t know why anyone would subject themselves to that, however.)

Until climate change turns Chicagoland into a warm city, invest in appropriate clothing, please. You don’t look tough, you look like you have half of a brain.