Top 10 Tuesday: Ways to protect yourself from getting sick


Jacob Casella

Essentials to protect yourself this flu season

Jacob Casella, Social Media Director

This is being written while I have a 102 degree fever, which was given to me by other Blueprint Staff members. We have contracted the plague. This week, many have been sick at DGS. Here’s how to protect yourself:

10. Wash your hands

This tip is simple and easy. Yes, everyone washes their hands after they use the restroom. But what about before you eat or after being in a germ infested school all day? I know it may seem lame to wash your hands all the time (like who does that) but do so to protect yourself from the flu.

9. Drop your sick friends

If your friend has a fever, you just have to leave her. It is as simple as that. Sorry, I’m not getting sick.

8. Drink water

Make sure it is from this 40 oz. Hydroflask to get special VSCO girl antibodies.

7. Wear a mask

I don’t know if this is dress code. Hats are now allowed at DGS, but I do not know for certain about medical masks.

6. Make other people open doors for you

Let your peers know you are quite frankly better than them and deserve to have a door opened for you so you don’t get sick.

5. Cough in your elbow

Can you believe old people were taught to cough in their hands?

4. Drink orange juice

Push that Vitamin C.

3. Use Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer

You know that stuff that girls in middle school used to have on their bags? Now it’s 2014 you’s time to shine. Protect yourself and smell like cheap, sugary perfume threw up on you.

2. Make WebMD the homepage on your computer

Stay informed or face the consequences.

1. Never leave your house

If you don’t come to school, you can’t catch the illnesses there. Don’t tell the attendance office this.