A Map of DGS (Weird Rooms Included)


A helpfully labeled map for anyone struggling with the layout of DGS.

While DGS can at first seem like an overly complicated labyrinth of hallways and secret rooms, it’s actually pretty simply laid out. The main hallways are set up in a square shape, as shown in the map, labeled by letters A, B, C and D. What floor a room is on corresponds with the first number that follows the letter.

For example, room A312 is in the A-hallway, on the third floor.

The Testing Center, located in the E wing of the school, can be accessed by taking the stairs up to the gymnastics balcony, going straight through the larger study hall classroom, E238, into a smaller room in the back. Students will be sent to the Testing Center, by their teachers, to make up tests or work missed.

The other study hall that students usually have difficulty finding is E233. The entrance to this study hall can be found in the hallway that is to the side of the Large Gym entrance. About halfway into the hallway, take a right and then follow the stairs behind the door to your left up to E233!