Mustangs turn school into pigsty


Jacob Casella

Kate Riley visibly gagging due to the fact that you guys stink.

You guys smell. You’re unorganized and dirty and messy. You, the students of DGS, are disgusting.

I walk around the school, and some of you guys and the messes you leave make me want to vomit. I hear kids complain about the janitors not cleaning up the lunchroom or the bathrooms, and let me tell you one thing, it is not their fault — it’s yours.

You seriously think that the janitors don’t pick up after you? If you are here late after school, literally ever, you see the janitorial staff working so hard. They are angels.

I get why we are gross. The majority of students are still children, and every student’s brain is still developing. When we’re stressed all the time about grades or friends or significant others, it makes sense that picking up trash is the last thing on our minds.

But this can only be used as an excuse to a certain extent. For example, the amount of food left in the cafeteria after six periods of lunch is so disgusting. And the messes left in the boys’ bathroom — learn to aim. Do I really need to say more?

Even in the hallway, kids have a lack of courtesy and sense of cleanliness that is inexcusable.

I saw a kid break open a pen the other day and throw the ink everywhere. My number one question was why would someone do that. My second question was why would anyone with at least half of a brain ever do that.

I, myself, am not perfect either. It is my senior year of high school, and I do not have a single folder for any class. My Chromebook is my folder.

Last year, I never went to my locker, so I was shocked when I found a moldy towel from the P.E. II swim unit. Thank God I didn’t clean it out before it was torn down due to the MFP.

This should not have happened. I understand that I have a lot of things going on at all times, but I should have a folder for my classes, and I definitely should have removed my swim unit items from my locker earlier than one year after they were last used.

Something else that is inexcusable is the body odor. BO should’ve been left in the halls of a middle school.

Don’t try to grow a beard if you can’t. This is at you, the senior class.

Please flush the toilets after you release fecal matter, and do not vape in the bathroom. Again, simple courtesy.

Tasks like picking up garbage and showering show that you care the slightest amount about the students and the staff at DGS. Some staff have the job of literally cleaning up after us. Show them respect.

These simple skills are going to follow you into the real world as well. When you’re an adult working a real job in some stupid office building, your boss is going to be really mad if you leave the bathroom looking like the one at a gas station.

As an unorganized and messy person myself, I know when to turn off messy habits. Places like school and work — I make sure to clean up after myself.

Let your family deal with your BO, not me. Your mom will love you regardless, but I have no obligation to.

Don’t cry about the school being dirty until you pick up your own trash, and please, dear God, flush the toilets after you’ve gone number two.