Top 10 Tuesday: Anime series


Drey McGrew

Drey McGrew dissects the best anime for cartoon lovers to watch.

From action-packed shonen to gender-specific seinen and shoujo, the world of Japanese anime is full of a variety of different interests that can fit people’s likings. Since anime has become more and more popular in the United States these last couple years, I’ve decided to make my very own top ten anime that I recommend to anyone interested in trying out this upcoming genre of TV.


  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Coming in at number ten we have Neon Genesis Evangelion. Neon Genesis is one of the greatest works of anime to ever be made. It concentrates on the life of a teenage boy going through puberty and suffering from minor depression while at the same time being forced to protect mankind in a gigantic mech from giant monsters dropping down to earth. In the end this anime will always be a top ten on any list because of its intense character writing and overall interesting story that will have you hooked to the very end. 


  1. Sword Art Online

At number nine we have Sword Art Online. A fairly new anime compared to Neon Genesis, it still deserves a spot on my list simply because it is truly one of the most unique works of anime I’ve ever seen. Sword Art Online is about a teenage boy who frequently plays MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) video games and is really good at them. One day the video game traps him and millions of other people inside the game, and there only chance of escape is beating the game. Throughout the game he falls in love with a girl trapped inside the game where they have to work together with other people to survive and beat the game so they can make it back to their families in real life. Overall this anime was very exciting and funny at times, if you are into video games than you should give this anime a try.


  1. Fairy Tail

At number eight we have Fairy Tail, a Shounen anime about a world where people can use and wield all different kinds of magic. It follows the story of a magic guild that goes through a lot of hardships but at the same time grow as a family and can have fun. The characters in this show all have their own unique stories and the magic they use can vary from fire elements to manipulating light and time. Overall this anime is for anyone just looking for a good laugh while tracking an interesting story.


  1. Hunter X Hunter

At number seven we have Hunter X Hunter. Gon Freecss is hands down one of the most loved anime protagonists to ever be created. A 14-year-old Gon sets out on a quest to find his father who abandoned when he was young. Gon must become a powerful hunter in order to one day meet his father and must go through hard times and make new friends who help him reach his goal. If you like intense fight scenes and interesting storylines than Hunter X Hunter is the anime for you.


  1. Seven Deadly Sins

At number six we have Seven Deadly Sins. An anime set in a fictional Brittania, it follows a group of very powerful knights who each have their own individual powers and abilities. The knights where disbanded after being falsely accused of overthrowing their kingdom and now are trying to regroup together to stop their previous kingdom from being overthrown by another enemy. Seven deadly sins is very funny and has many characters with different personalities than can relate to some of the audience. Each sin [knight] must overcome adversity in their own way to succeed and therefore putting this anime on this list.


  1. My Hero Academia

At number five we have My Hero Academia (MHA). MHA really separates itself from other Shounen anime simply because it focuses on such a western feeling. MHA is about a teenage boy who can’t use a superpower in a world where 80% of the population has a super ability (quirk). The boy has plans on joining the most elite highschool in the world for training super heroes even though he has no power of his own. Through the anime he develops and enhances his abilities to combat super villains even without a quirk and ends up becoming a hero himself. MHA is just one of those anime that everyone has to watch eventually, you can’t skip it.


  1. Tokyo Ghoul

Number four we have Tokyo Ghoul. Probably one of the most gory and dark anime to be ever made. Tokyo Ghoul is set in a Tokyo where humans have to live alongside beings called Ghouls. Ghouls are man eating creatures with superhuman strength and abilities to control their kagune as an attack or a defense type. College student, Kaneki, gets into a life threatening situation when he is attacked by a ghoul and survives. Now half ghoul half human Kaneki must find his place in the world and decide who he really is. Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best anime to be ever created because it is so unique and no other anime can compare to it.


  1. DragonBall

At number three we have the DragonBall series. Even if you don’t watch anime, I’m positive you have heard of DragonBall. Literally the Godfather of all anime, Dragon Ball first released in 1986 and is still putting out content till this day. Dragon Ball is about a character named Son Goku and it is about his life from a child to an adult while he trains in martial arts and scours the world in search of the seven dragon balls. Dragon Ball is one of the best Shounen anime to be ever created.


  1. Attack on Titan

At number two we have Attack on Titan (AOT). A fairly new anime, AOT has made a name for itself and might end up being the best anime to ever be made once it is finished. When gigantic man-eating titans breach the wall that the human race lives behind a young boy Eren yeager witnesses his mother get eaten alive by a titan, he makes it his goal to fight against the titans by joining the scout regime. This anime is honestly so good and the only reason it isn’t number one is because it is still an ongoing anime. Attack on Titan is the first anime I actually felt anxious on what was going to happen next, as the story progresses the anime only gets better and better by uncovering secrets and solving mysteries and not to mention the fighting scenes are so gory and intense they keep you on the edge of your seat.


  1. Naruto

Finally, at number one we have the Naruto Series. This anime has been a bigger part of my life than anything I’ve ever learned in school. Naruto has taught me so many life lessons throughout the 720 episodes and 11 movies. Naruto is about a young boy named Naruto who grew up in a village without any parents and wasn’t loved by anyone. The village outcast who was always looked down upon. Naruto journeys to beat the odds and one day become the village Hokage (leader of the village) but in doing so Naruto must journey into becoming a ninja. During his teenage years Naruto overcomes obstacles, fights enemies and finally becomes accepted by all around him. Naruto hit me on a personal level that no other anime has ever done. Therefore making this my number one anime.