Horoscopes to describe your summer


Jacob Casella

The beach — where you will go if you’re lucky enough to have a good horoscope.


You will have so much fun. Yay.


One word: food. Your summer will be filled with trying new recipes and exploring new cuisines. Make sure you hit the gym before your nap.


Your summer will be messy. You will make mistakes, but they will shape you. Have fun having the most fun by doing the worst things. You will cry and smile and realize that your life is not what you thought. You will be the queen of the Downers Grove Rotary Grove Fest, on an unrelated note.


You will do a face mask every day, that’s all.


You will fall in love and get your heart broken. You put your heart into everything fully, so be prepared for it to all fall apart. Ben and Jerry’s will be your best friend.


You love to gossip and start stuff. Every time you check your phone, watch out. Make sure no one is mad at you.


Your summer is going to be as fabulous as you want it to be. You love order, symmetry and being in control — so you will own your Summer 2019. Do what you want, have fun and post the best Instagram posts of yourself at Lollapalooza. You may be an airhead, but at least you are pretty. Summer 2019 will be one of living like the diva you are.


Scorpio, you will be outside this summer. You will dye your hair black and wear makeup of the same shade. Goth is your move in Summer 2019.


Sag, you love exploring, and your curiosity is sure to shine this summer. Fill your next three months with tons of adventures, road trips and spontaneity. Make the best memories before you head off to a new chapter of life or back to school.


Capricorns are always stressed. If you’ve ever met Sarah Barber, you know how accurate this is. Her entire summer will be spent at work, as will every other Capricorn’s. “Fun.”


Your summer will be full of horses. Period. Our resident horse girl Tatum Mitchell, who is an Aquarius, says so.


Pisces, you’re a wealth of information, and you know exactly what you’re going to be doing every day this summer — getting ready for months jam-packed with adventure.