New PE shirts freshen up locker rooms

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New PE shirts freshen up locker rooms

Frankie Gordey, Freelance Writer

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The start of the new school year at DGS brings many additions to the school, such as the introduction of chromebooks for each student, the removal of quarter grades and, most importantly, the addition of new PE shirts that are helping freshen up the school.

The shirts are navy blue with a columbia blue logo. As well as the new color and design, the shirts are also made of a dri-fit material. Dri-fit material is much lighter and airier than the cotton of the old shirts.

Senior Lexi Dimovski weighed in on the new PE shirts.

“I think it’s cuter than the old one. The design is nice and they just look newer and more appealing than the ugly, old grey cotton shirts,” Dimovski said.

The new PE shirts have also seemed to freshen up the scent of the locker room where most students keep their shirts throughout the week.

PE teacher Dustin Hausherr has noticed a drastic change in the overall freshness of the boy’s locker room this year.

“Overall I think the locker room smells a lot better this year compared to last year… Whenever I go in [the locker room] this year I’m not almost throwing up from the smell,” Hausherr said.

Along with Hausherr, senior Ty McCulloch shared his thoughts on the smell of the new shirts.

“I’d say it smells better than last year because the dri-fit shirts absorb the sweat better. With the grey cotton ones they were always smelly and always wet which made it smell worse. The new dri-fit ones dry out quickly,” McCulloch said.

As for the girls locker room, senior Emma Hartenberger is in Individual Skill Sports with Mrs. Degiulio and goes in the locker room every day during fifth period.

“The smell of the locker room this year smells much better than last year. I wouldn’t say it smells like roses but it definitely smells better,” Hartenberger said.     
The switch to the new PE shirts has had a very positive response by students as well as the teachers. The design as well as the dri-fit material have freshened up the locker rooms at DGS.

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